Realm Design is a team of lovers of God who love design, jewelry and seeing people grow into who they are called to be in the Kingdom. We are committed to the designing of attractive jewelry for people across the globe, primarily as a means of evangelism and to draw people's attention to the love of the Father. Click here to read more about Realm.



  • Wear a vision or a dream around your neck  and be strengthened by our Designs as you wear them daily!
  • If you are going going to accessorise, you may as well do it for the glory of God!
  • You will love the fact that our designs are made from the highest quality Stainless Steel, are hypo-allergenic and will possibly last a lifetime.
  • Just before we send your order out, we pray over the pieces so that you, the wearer, may receive maximum benefit and revelation from these Bible-reminders!



Our vision started with a prayer rendered in 2003 at a women’s conference. The prayer was “God, I know you've given me a gift and I know there is a purpose to all this. Is there a dream you have for me regarding this? How can I serve you with it, even if it remained just a hobby?”

The prayer was met with sudden response which whispered through my heart:

“Design jewelry for women you will never meet and people you will never know and tell them that there is a God who loves them.”

This has been the propelling force to forge ahead in this business. I have had many vision/dreams since, some which I can still remember vividly, such as the dream where God gave me the strategy for funding this ministry/business start-up and also many more visions of actual jewelry designs.

I have since left my day job to focus on this ministry because He whom has called us is faithful, and He will do it, and I know there is such a plan and purpose for the redemption of Godly-identity which occurs when each person puts on one of our anointed designs. READ MORE ABOUT THE VISION AND HOW IT ALL STARTED HERE.



The Call

Before the bride walks down the aisle,
 the song must be played.
Before the bride walks down the aisle,
the cake must be made.
Before the Bride walks down the aisle,
her new identity must be reborn.
Before that fateful day of the Bridegroom,
the Bride must be adorned.


This is the mandate of Realm Design, to adorn the Bride and to call her into her true identity, where each piece of jewelry is designed from the heart of Father God and prayed over by our team to release a blessing over the your life.

Realm Design is a proudly Australian design company who also seeks to partner with churches and ministries to help bring their conference, marketing and promotional gifting strategies to another level. Our heart is to bless our nation with tangible pieces of marketing that will be worn and talked about in years to come.




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My package arrived today in Florida. Wow! You guys obviously are committed to quality and your customers! It'll take me through Christmas to look over everything. I am definitely hanging on to the Belt of Truth ring & cord for myself.

J. Sewell, Florida, USA

The armor of God is something that is close to my heart and something I've been teaching to my boys over the last few months. I think its wonderful to be able to wear it as a bracelet as it will provide witnessing opportunities as you never know who will see it and ask what all the charms mean.

Justine B., Kilcoy Qld

I have known Ros and have bought many pieces of her jewellery for friends and family over the years. Of everyone that I have bought jewellery for, I am so happy to say that they all wear the jewellery often, if not constantly. For me this is an eternal investment into my loved ones that goes well beyond the materail gift. I wholeheartedly recommend this company!