The Awakened Warrior


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Imagine one day where there would be a Tribe of like-hearted, like-minded people across the world who recognise each other instantly.


Imagine one day that there would be a great gathering of Heaven-centred Warriors who are able to communicate with each other simply and passionately to organise prayer meetings and prophetic outreaches in their local area, in every sphere of influence and with every denomination, across the globe.


A Tribe that breaks every barrier of social constraint, colour and creed, who come together because they have the hunger to intercede, to see lives saved for the Kingdom, nations transformed and discipled, and the Globe aligned with Heaven.


A group of dauntless, humble Sons and Daughters and their children, who recognise each other anywhere in the world, because of a simple piece of jewellery -  a singular range of pieces that converge to remind them that they are never alone, that they are braver when banded together.


Imagine the connections forming, the united hearts, the call to action and the dreams that will be envisaged, as we begin gathering two-by-two, as strangers and friends to go after what is on God's heart.


This is only the beginning, but the time has begun. Join us.

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