Here is your Free Bible Coding System Guide

Here's is your 3rd E-gift from us at Realm. Our aim is so strengthen the heart of the Bride, and this was something I, Ros, developed over time that I thought I'd share with all my subscribers. Click on PDF icon to download.

"So what is this free gift about?" I hear you ask...


Well, It's a Bible-Coding guide developed by me over months of testing and trialling!

I have been reading Brian Simmons' The Passion Translation of the Bible over the past 2 years, and because this translation is mainly available in small printed books at present, I have rekindled my passion to read the Bible on paper again!


Whilst reading, I began to dream of a coding system that would empower me if ever I was called to do a study on particular topic or defend the truths in the Bible, I could literally flick through the Bible and find what I was looking for in thematic order.

In developing this, I did quite a bit of research but found that most Bible coding guides were all rather haphazard with the colours not making sense, nor showing any relationship to each other.


So in my study of the Bible I have developed a colour system that is based on:


  • Colours that made sense to what was being highighted e.g. Red = Jesus, Purple = inheritance, Green = location etc.

  • Colour combinations that showed relationships of the Trinity to each other

  • Colour combinations that show our identity and inheritance in connection to these relationships


Moreover, I have also developed a small system of 17 icons that can be easily remembered and can be used to enhance your understanding while reading the Bible.


This guide is mainly designed for a box of 12 pencils to highlight verses, so get your Paper Bible out now and have fun all over again! This guide will work on electronic devices also, you will need to set up different highlighting colours to use.

This is a labour of love that I would love to share with you. Please click on the tiny PDF icon on the far left below the thumbnail image to download to your computer.

Pages 1 and 2 are in full colour, while pages 3 and 4 are in Black and White so you can customise your own.

To print smaller versions of these A4 PDF pages, print 2 pages to 1.

Please send any feedback or suggestions to sales, we'd love to hear from you!

If you would like a great Bible app that allows you to read several different versions of the Bible on your mobile or tablet like you read books on Kindle, then Olive Tree is a great place to start - I just love it!

I've included a link for the Passion Translation series too.