The Solid Rock Pendant Design Story

Author: From Realm Design's Desk   Date Posted:25 April 2017 

You will be surprised to read about how this interesting Solid Rock Pendant was designed!


The Solid Rock pendant was designed many years ago and was one of the very first designs I ever received directly from the Lord as a vision, having asked Him to give me inspiration for this verse from Matthew 7:24:


“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock “.


It wasn't because I particularly desired input (back in those days I just designed things as I felt and hardly consulted God at all) but mostly because I was stuck.


Was I just going to engrave a picture of a house on a rock onto a flat stainless steel piece? Or a 3D house? What would the house look like? A real house with a picket fence? A lighthouse? A church? If it were any of these, would a person ever want to wear it?


So I just prayed “Father, I don't want a run-of-the-mill representation, I want to represent your heart in this. Please inspire me.”


About 2 weeks later on a Sunday morning (and I can still remember the moment so clearly), I had just poured myself a bowl of cereal and was about to sit down, when, just as my bottom was about to hit the chair - “Bam!” the vision hit.


I was so surprised I jumped right up to find my bewildered husband in the next room to tell him all about it before getting my sketch book out to draw it down in 3D as best I could, forgetting all the while that we had to rush off to church.


What I saw was a cross-shaped house with windows and doors throughout, on top of a base of rock. The understanding came quickly also – the wearer will have their house in order, imitating the Lord's body, His house.


This house will have entrances throughout, so that people may enter-in at all compass points and be healed. And the wearer's faith would go out at all compass points and healing would be imparted through them, into their community.


This house will be displayed to the world and shine its beauty to the beholder, all the while displaying the fact that their life is built on a solid foundation.


This piece is now part of the Realm Design collection and Ros is proud to be finally telling this story.


When a person buys or wears this piece, either around their neck or on a keyring, they are speaking strength into their life, that they indeed will be strong and unshakeable in their faith, resolute in the Lord.


In wearing this they also are proclaiming that they will also bring up their household with the Word of God as their foundation.


Blessings to you as you discover in the next little while the depths of His Love for you :) . x Ros


You can purchase this piece here.


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