LillynDelady South Africa

Now when you purchase a Realm Design product from within South Africa you will be strategically supporting a disadvantaged community.

Meet Ronel Maree, founder of Lillyndelady Ministries in Hartenbos, Western Cape.

Who is Ronel?
Ronel is a wife and mother of 3 who, aside from running Lillyndelady, is also a lay-minister in her local church. She juggles being available to her family, especially her grandchildren, and also

Her passions are:

  • Praise and worship and dance in sign language.
  • Prophetic painting
  • Ministering to men and women's hearts
  • To see deaf community empowered to work and better integrated in society.
  • To see all hearing children learn sign language as a skill.
  • To see breakthrough in the biking community.
  • Going where no one else is willing to go.


What does the deaf community mean to Ronel?

Ronel was inspired as a six year old when a lady came to her school and spoke to her class about sign language and empowered her to learn two-anded finger spelling. Even though she does not have deaf people in her family, her passion really grew when she began to encounter deaf people and saw that because of their 'disability' they are some of the purest people because they are not as tainted by the influences of the world and the media. When they come to know the Lord, they have a purity of heart that is unparralled, this is why she loves working with the deaf community so much.



Infused with a Godly passion for the deaf community from a young age, Ronel has been running Lillyndelady for _ years and over this time her ministry has grown to include many facets which include:

Sign Language and Deaf-blind Interpreting services

  • Deafness and disability awareness education to local schools on a voluntary basis
  • Monthly outreaches to the areas of George to bring all deaf people from surrounding areas to evangelistic rallies
  • The Power Run –  A Biker Fellowship, riding 50-100 Km together to outreach and support the deaf community
  • The Miss Ability Beauty Pageant for Disabled ladies – a non-profit  venture that focusses on styling, empowerment and confidence training through one-on-one, mentoring with a business woman in the community full-time over the course of a week, culminating in a pageant.
  • Godly Women Pageant and Conference– training in Godly leadership and beauty, based on 12 female heroes of the Bible that is for all young women in the community



And with Realm Design's partnership:
Income generation for her local team of deaf artisans who would otherwise be without an income

How will your purchase of a Realm Design Product benefit this Ministry?
100 % of proceeds from the sales to supporting the deaf community and all activities run to benefit the deaf communities that Lillyndelady works with which include all of the above mentioned activities, all worthy causes to support.


What does Lillyndelady mean?
Ronel named her ministry after her granddaughter Lilly (pictured), but also because of the Lilly being a resilient flower and the biblical significance of God taking care of His people. With this name she encourages the deaf people to be resilient.
“Delady” is a testimony to a miraculous provision the Lord gave Ronel, a car named “Delady”. With this name it reminds her of God's provision for His people which she claims over every deaf person she meets.


Ronel is available to come to your local church within Western Cape to exhibit Realm Design jewellery and also to minister to the deaf community in your area if you gather them together at an event.

She is also a motivational speaker who is able to speak on a variety of topics. Below is one such event that Ronel organised and ministered at.



You can contact Ronel via the Contact form, at orders.lnd @ (lnd stands for Lilly n Delady)

or mobile number in the graphic below.



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