Kickstarter Hall of Fame

Realm Design Campaign 2016


We thank all the Warriors who supported our Armor of God Project.


Our most heartfelt gratitude goes to:

Arolyn K. USA


And special thanks go to all of these Warriors here also:

Tracey W. Australia

Debra T. Australia

Sarah C. United States

Joe S. United States

PJ L. United States

Helen B. United States

Vincent L. Singapore

Theresa C. Australia

Sonja M. South Africa

Susan F. Australia

Emily J. Australia

Chris K. United States

Laura G. United States

Shannon F. United States

Mal B. Australia

Kathy C. United States

Justine B. Australia

Janine D. Australia

Edna M. Taiwan

Kirsty C. Australia

Rebecca P. Australia

Sarah W. Australia

Rebecca Y. Australia

Phillipa J. Australia

Emma P. Australia

Jonno S. Australia

Jenny K. Australia

Cynthia B. Australia

Nick Khoo. Australia

Roberta W. Australia

Amber V. Australia

Sharon M. Australia

Taboo P. United States

Nerina L. Australia

Ruth W. Australia

Kathy R. Australia

Amanda W. Australia

Pam P. Australia

Naomi H. Australia

Miriam M. Australia

Donna H. Australia


We could not have done it without you!