Realm Design

is a small team of lovers of God who love design, jewellery and seeing people grow into who they are called to be in the Kingdom.

They are primarily a wife-and-husband team, but with a group of dedicated friends and sales consultants surrounding them, they work together to take jewellery into different contexts to pray and prophesy destiny into those who come and see, regardless of whether they are Christian or pre-Christian. We have seen many people come to Christ through our jewellery, and we love what we do and want to see it grow.


The three aims of this business are:

1. To design jewellery for people all over the world and tell them that there is a God who loves and believes in them.


2. To redeem the act of wearing jewellery, and what the jewellery industry stands for

and transform into something that gives and brings God glory.


3. To design jewellery that is so attractive and compelling that people will ask the wearer

what it means; to enable the wearer to use jewellery as a means for evangelism.


We are also a team of evangelists.


Over the past 7 years, our team has used jewellery as a means to tell people the Good news, at local markets, shopping and women's events, as well as larger, statewide new age and community festivals and we have incredible fruit, miraculous healings and the presence of God touch many lives, as well as seeing a number of people come into the Kingdom.


We are a bunch of Bible-believing lovers who take God at His word and will pray for those in the Kingdom, or those who are pre-Kingdom, until we see God move.


The miracles we have seen Jesus perform through us, have been, literally, out-of-this-world.


We have set up our business to run like a not-for-profit business, where what we earn in sales end up going toward evangelism outreaches and supporting churches and ministries in their promotional and fundraising efforts.


Many churches have benefited in word-of-mouth advertising that comes from their flock wearing our jewellery, which were created to be worn often for years to come, and not  placed on a shelf and forgotten.


Because of all these aims, we know that we cannot survive without our supporters' prayers and financial support. If you aren't a supporter already, we pray that you will make our designs your preferred gift of choice for all of your friends and family.