Rose of Sharon Worship Centre

Now when you purchase a Realm Design product from within Oklahoma you will be strategically supporting a healing and deliverance ministry as well as evangelism to a local community.


Meet Patty Graham, founder of R.O.S.E Worship Centre, Oklahoma USA




Dr. Patty Graham is the founder and director of Rose of Sharon Worship and Healing Rooms, and Rose of Sharon Expressions, Inc. (referred hereafter to as R.O.S.E.).  Their primary vision is to equip people and teams in prayer, intercession, evangelism, spiritual warfare, prophecy and dream interpretation. Their R.O.S.E. centre, based in Guthrie, Oklahoma, regularly run workshops to train teams and individuals, as well as dance and creative worship workshops for the  community.

R.O.S.E. has been part of the International Association of Healing Rooms since 2008 and opening their facilities as a worship and Healing Rooms Centre, to provide a safe, confidential place for prayer and healing. In 2016 they joined Spirit Café, a place of God encounters, as the first Spirit Café in the USA, a place where the wider community can come to encounter God.

ROSE is also a house, business and ministry of Glory of Zion International It is also connected with The Father's House Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, The Glory Barn, and part of the Spirit Cafe community

Her team regularly perform, minister and offer evangelism activities such as healing, dream interpretation and prophecy in churches as well as at secular events.

When Patty saw the potential of Realm Design jewellery to become a tool with which her team can use to minister to individuals, she jumped right on board after our launch in Oct 2016. Since December 2016, her team have used Realm Design jewellery at several events, using the designs to open conversations and for prophesying into people as the Spirit leads, in a loving and non-threatening context.


By purchasing a Realm Design product through ROSE you will be doing the following:

  • Funding the day-to-day running costs of the ROSE worship centre
  • Enabling Patty and her team to travel around the USA to train and present the gospel.
  • Funding all Kingdom associated activities and events that Patty is invited to.

As well as the above, Patty also has the following training and credentials under her belt and is available to speak wherever she is invited.


Credentials of Patty Graham:

  • Ordained Reverend through Elijah School of the Prophets and Glory of Zion International.
  • Certificate of Worship Studies from Robert Webber’s Institute for Worship Studies
  • B.A. degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • Doctorate of Theology with CLEN through The Father's House Apostolic Center's School of Theology.
  • Certified Chaplain and serves as Director of Chaplains for OKCCRU, Branch 15 Transitional home and for LMSCPA Firm.
  • Trained in deliverance and freedom, in Advanced SRA Recovery and ministers' deliverance and freedom   
  • AIN (Apostolic Prayer) Team Director and Consultant.


As a Realm Design agent and consultant, Patty and her team can also travel within the Oklahoma region to bring a home-ministry event where Realm Design will be presented, God's truths spoken and taught, and your friends and family (especially any pre-Christian friends) prophesied over by the team.

Patty is also available to present Realm Design at any church or women's conference within the USA, presenting jewellery, praying and prophesying over individuals at your event. Her aim is to establish God's Kingdom by bringing His PRESENCE, healing, deliverance, joy, revelation and impartation wherever she is invited.

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